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Covid Update 3

We have just sent George Mwakisha a second sum of money to help the challenges of Covid in Kenya. Both his Upper Planet Training Centres are closed ( we are of course contining to pay all staff salaries) but the shop at the Kitukunyi Centre remains open.

Many people have been made redundant (there is no furlough scheme!) and have no money to pay for food they buy from the shop. George said in a recent email:

The extra grants you sent has really helped us since we have customers who lost their jobs and some, although still engaged but are not being paid. We have been giving them food on credit hoping that when situation improves they will pay up their bills. We also have families from poor back ground and as the economic situation is currently is , we had to extend a hand of help , though they promised to pay when situation changes.

We will keep the situation under review. Although we are digging deep into our reserves, we will not hesitate to send more funds if the situation becomes even worse….