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Dave’s Christmas blog


In a few days’ time, I will sit down to Christmas lunch with my closest family: thirteen of us, spanning three generations – the first Christmas we’ve spent together for several years. Although what we eat and drink will be delicious, although we’ll give each other lots of nice presents-   it’s not those parts of Christmas I’m looking forward to most. It’s the simple fact of being together.

And while we’re all talking and walking, listening and laughing, enjoying a memorable family Christmas together, my thoughts from time to time will inevitably turn to Christmas lunch at Mwatate Children’s Home and Rescue Centre (MCHRC). I know that Christmas lunch there will be a warm, caring meal with lots of fun and laughter. A bit of me would love to be with them.


There are currently 35 children at Mwatate, 22 girls and 13 boys aged from 3 to 18. They are all orphans and MCHRC is their permanent home. All of them have been taken out of situations where their safety, their health and their basic human rights have been at risk. Thanks to Mwatate they are less vulnerable and have a much better chance of making their way in the world.  MCHRC also runs an Outreach Programme which currently helps 60 children. The four permanent staff at MCHRC are totally dedicated and achieve miracles on a shoestring budget.

There are over two million orphans in Kenya. Many of them are nowhere near as fortunate as the kids at Mwatate. Children’s Homes do not have state funding: they rely on often meagre voluntary support.

Education Exchange is working with MCHRC on a vital mission: to improve the life chances of its current children and increase the number of children both living at the Home and on the Outreach Programme. We’ve bought them a plot of land and are looking for funding in excess of £100,000 to build a new home which would offer hope to many more vulnerable young people.

Tim Shorten’s London Marathon fundraising is exclusively devoted to Mwatate (#Runningfor Mwatate).  If like me you’re looking forward to a great family Christmas, why not support Tim and his commitment with a donation?