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Odilia finds the right school

While we were in Kenya in January we heard about Odilia, a girl with spina bifida who could not find a local secondary school which was prepared to cope with her difficulties. We went to see the headteacher of Odilia’s primary school and along with Scaver Isuwirio, TEI Coordinator, we came up with some possible ways forward. We knew that we’d only find the right school for Odilia if people in Kenya and the UK were prepared to go the extra mile for her.

Fast forward two weeks: Odilia has now started at the only girls’ special school in Kenya, north of Nairobi. Her local MP has paid her school fees. An Education Exchange donor has given the £500 needed to cover school uniform, equipment etc.

This is a life-changing moment for Odilia: brilliant news!IMG-20180209-WA0005