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Our Kenyan evening went down well!

38 people came to our Kenyan evening on July 6th. It was a real mix of ages from a wide local area.

In the first half of the evening, Dave talked about the differences between life here in the UK and life in Kenya. He was at pains to challenge the preconception  that we do all the giving and our Kenyan friends do all the receiving. It’s much more of a two-way friendship, with both countries doing some things very well and other things far less well… Dave highlighted the Kenyan capacity to share and give, as well as the joyful faith that most people demonstrate on a daily basis. As one person remarked that evening…”in the UK we take ourselves too seriously….”

Then came the food: there were several traditional Kenyan dishes on offer and all were very well received:  pilau, matoke, sukuma wiki, green grams and ugali, with mandazis as a tasty pudding. All washed down with a cup or two of chai. People also appreciated the traditional beginning to a Kenyan meal, where, before grace is said, the hosts pour water for each guest to wash their hands.

On a beautiful summer’s evening,no-one wanted to go home and people stayed and talked for a long time……… that’s a very Kenyan end to the evening!