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Support for our Kenyan community during the Covid-19 pandemic

We at Education Exchange have been proactive in our support for our Kenyan family as they prepare for the worst of the virus.

We have sent funds to help everyone who has a shop or kiosk which sells groceries and provisions to buy in extra stock before prices go up even higher. So this week they’ve been buying beans, maize and flour. As the crisis bites and people have no money they will be able to obtain these provisions from the stalls and kiosks without paying- and then pay the shop whenever they are back in work.

Selina at Mvono Clinic will clearly be at the centre of fighting the pandemic in her community of Wundanyi. She currently has no protective equipment. She has no air extraction system in her office. She needs to create a safe place (a holding room) where patients displaying corona symptoms can wait to be seen. Education Exchange has funded all of this. We want her to be as safe as possible so that she can help her community and come out safe at the other end.