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Familia Education Exchange

On our last night in Wundanyi, February 21st, Education Exchange trustees invited everyone connected with our work in Kenya to meet us over a meal. There were eleven of us: one person was away on a training course and could not be there. this was the inaugural meeting of Familia Education Exchange (The Education Exchange Family)

It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of this meeting. Three things emerged: firstly, the sense of common purpose shared by everyone around the table and the warmth of friendships that have been developed over the last ten years; secondly, the determination to ensure that we continue to work to help the needy far into the future (we talked about how our working relationship would look in 2030 and 2040); and finally the opportunities that each project currently had to help the work of the other three projects. (For example, with IT, with health, with practical skills)

Since we returned home, our Kenyan colleagues in the Taita Family have met again. They have committed to drawing up a joint action plan which they will share with UK Family members later in May. A massive step forward for everyone involved in this organisation- and that includes all our donors and sponsors!