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Where Tim’s Marathon donations will be used

The funds raised by Tim’s London Marathon run on April 23rd will make a vast difference to life at Mwatate Children’s Home and Rescue Centre. Every single pound donated will be used on site in Kenya.

Currently the Home has 35 orphaned and vulnerable children in permanent residence (22 girls and 13 boys) aged from 3 to 18, plus another 60 (35 girls and 25 boys) under an Outreach Programme who live in a family-based context. Support for these young people includes a range of strategies, often including help for the family with food, clothing and education as well as child rights advocacy. There are over 2 million orphans in Kenya, many of them in very vulnerable situations and at great risk.

The Mwatate Family

The Mwatate Family

In 2015 Education Exchange purchased the land to build a new purpose-built Home. Thanks to a grant from a locally based charity, we were able to start building in February and we are now up to ground level. We need £20,000 to complete the building, then another £7,000 to equip the interior.  Education Exchange is actively searching for funds to complete the new build.

Laying the foundations for the new children's home

Laying the foundations for the new children’s home

Tim’s sponsorship will equip the interior of the new building.  Bedroom and dining room furniture, plus educational and kitchen equipment will be bought over the next few months, to be used in the current home until the new build is financed and completed. The new building will see numbers of children in the home rise to 50 with another 100 on the Outreach programme.

These kids need all the support we can give them. This project will open up new life chances for them. Tim has worked so hard to complete his Marathon challenge. He is running with Mwatate at the forefront of his mind. Please spread the word and encourage people to donate: