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Mvono Medical Clinic

There is no free state-provided health care in Kenya. There are three clinics in Wundanyi and Mvono Clinic provides for more poor people than the other two. This focus has meant that income levels are lower which in the past resulted in a limited service and fewer treatments available. Support from Education Exchange since 2014  has enabled steady and significant improvements:

Building improvements
Between 2014 and 2016 a steady programme of redecoration and repair took place. The clinic became much more comfortable for both patients and staff. The limited space available was very well used, but we knew that further extensions would eventually be necessary. Here’s how the clinic looked in 2016 when the first refurbishments were completed:

The exterior of Mvono Clinic has been redecorated

By the autumn of 2018 the big increase in patient numbers meant that it was time to enlarge our floor space quite considerably. The chance came up to move into the shop next door. So Selina and her team went for it! The two pictures below were taken in November 2018:

The Clinic is being extended

The Clinic is being extended

We have taken over the shop next door.

We have taken over the shop next door.

  • A wider range of drugs:
    Mvono now stocks a much wider range of drugs with a wider range of treatments. More people are being treated (there was a 20% increase in patient numbers in 2017 alone) and more income is being generated, with drug prices are kept as low as possible. The clinic now makes a healthy profit each month, which is reinvested in further developments. As part of our support to Selina and her team, we are sent each monthly financial spreadsheet so that we can monitor how things are progressing.
  • Better testing and analysis:
    Our funding of Mvono Clinic enabled staff in 2016 to be trained in testing for malaria and to buy testing kits. This led to earlier diagnosis and better treatment, particularly for the most vulnerable groups, ie the young and old. Then through 2017 and into 2018 Mvono has created its own laboratory analysis facility. With all the improvements that have taken place over the last few years, Mvono Clinic has now applied to become an accredited clinic with the Kenyan National Health Insurance Fund.
  • Future developments:

We heard in January 2020 that Mvono’s application to be accredited with the NHIF ( the National Health Insurance scheme) has been successful. This is great news and means that during 2020 the clinic will be expanding significantly- more staff, more equipment, more patients. This massive step forward is a tribute to the tireless efforts of Selina, owner of the Clinic and its current sole medical practitioner.

Here Selina receives from Sue knitted baby hats and tops made by knitters back home in the UK

A message from Selina Machango at Mvono Clinic:

“Mine is to express my sincere gratitude to Education Exchange for the assistance you have continued to offer me. Have no words to express this. I promise to make best use of the funds to uplift the standard of the clinic. May the almighty God bless you all abundantly”

See this unsolicited comment from a local resident:

“Whenever I fall ill I visit Mvono Clinic because they are willing to treat me even when I can’t pay immediately. Mvono play a big role in my family’s health because their services are good and their prices are fair. In conclusion I want to thank Education Exchange and Mvono clinic  for their support to our family.”