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Past Projects


For more than ten years Education Exchange supported students at Senior Chief Mwangeka Girls Secondary School, Mbauro. We helped pupils at risk of losing their education because their parents couldn’t pay their fees. Over the ten years we raised the best part of £50,000. This enabled girls to pay off the arrears on their school fees and stay in school: (Fees cost approx. £230 per year (the equivalent of three months wages for most Kenyans living and working in rural areas). Many girls from Mwangeka go on to college and university: they are determined to be successful in their chosen careers. Education Exchange gave life-changing support to these young people. All the funds for this project came from two sales each year, organised by the awesome Mary Yuill and her team of helpers. We also remember the huge contribution of Marilyn Faiers, sadly no longer with us.



For nine years Education Exchange supported the work of Mbauro’s CITC (Christian Industrial Training Centre). Set up following the success of Tim Shorten’s typing classes, the Centre offers vocational training courses for young people to enable them to gain qualifications and improve their employment opportunities. The Centre is adjacent to St James Church, Mbauro and is sponsored by the church. Over the last few years vocational courses have been offered in Tailoring and Dressmaking, Computers, Electrical Skills and Motor Vehicle Mechanics. Between 2009 and 2011 Education Exchange gradually reduced its amount of financial support for the CITC and in 2012 moved on to a new Training project. This is part of our determination to encourage our Kenyan partners to become financially independent – thus allowing us to move on to new projects in new places.